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Alter E(c)o is a series of three large-scale sculptures that represent a futuristic, fictional, dystopic landscape: each individual piece resemble land formations observed in the natural world. My process of building and stacking foam layers from the bottom up, is meant to resemble the formation process of geological accretions. The use of polystyrene and other mass-produced materials is intended to be a bizarre depiction of telluric matter in millions of years to come due to our anthropogenic habits.


While the viewer is meant to be breath taken by each piece- much like they would be observing a real landscape- they are also meant to be aware of the artificiality of each piece. Each sculptures’ smaller than life size is meant to make the viewer feel large, suggesting that our existence has greater impact than we might realize; and its synthetic, man-made material composition, is meant to represent our control over our surroundings. Through size and material, these fictional edifices allude to the fact that we are the creators of our existence.

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Marissa Shell