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Approximately 36" x 300" x 1"

Birch Plywood, Jute, Alpaca Hair, Hemp Twine, Wool Yarn, Electrical Wire, Synthetic Yarn, Fiberglass Mesh, Vinyl, Plastic Bags, Rubber Spline, Aluminum Wire, 


Horizon (detail)


Crack, 2017

17 x 14" 

Laser Etched Masonite, Cheesecloth, and Acrylic Medium

Strata, 2017

17 x 14" 

Laser Etched Birch Ply

Striation, 2017

17 x 14" 

Laser Etched Birch Ply, Cheesecloth, Shellac

Brush, 2017

17 x 14" 

Laser Etched Masonite, Cheesecloth, Wool Roving, Acrylic Medium

Our relationship with planetary resources has shifted over time. Composed of a series of wooden panels Horizon serves as a visual representation reminiscent of this progression. Its extended, horizontal, orientation refer to the undulating characteristic of water, layered, geological strata, and the sweeping gesture of a landscape. Covered with a variety of materials such as natural fibers, industrial rubber-coated wire, and vinyl the materials shift respectively from unprocessed  to synthetic as the ambulatory viewer moves across its length from left to right.

Cloth and fiber covered substrates reveal patterns that are derivative of rock formations, but are paradoxically generated using digitized machines. While they visually represent organic configurations, they are created using man-made technology, differing greatly from the ecological process they emulate.

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